Ginger: I’m really glad you said we needed to talk. I’ve been wanting to talk to you too, really! 
Darren: Ginger, I-
Ginger: Now, I know what you’re gonna say. Things between us haven’t been quite right lately; you’ve been busy with football, me caught with the band. But-
Darren: Ginger!
Ginger: But I’ve been giving a lot of thought! I just think we have to work a little harder at it-
Darren: Ginger, it’s over.
Ginger: …What?
Darren: Us. We’re over….there’s someone else.
Ginger: …Simone.
Darren: Yeah.
Ginger: …Yeah……don’t do this! Darren, don’t! 
Darren: Ginger, we-
Ginger: I can try harder! I won’t miss a game, I’ll be there in the stands cheering you on, and-
Darren: You’ll be miserable! Both of us will; it’s not who you are!
Ginger: …Who am I?
Darren: You’re Ginger Foutley, and you’re opinionated, you’re headstrong, and wonderful, and you think football is stupid, and you’re probably right! We fight all the time, and things with Simone are just….well….easier….I’m sorry, Ginger. Really sorry. And I hope one day you can forgive me for this…
Ginger: I won’t, Darren. The thing is…I never will… 




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What kinda traits you look for in a guy?



The traits my boyfriend has.